What you can do in Blackjack - and what is off limits

If you are after a quick round of Blackjack online, online-casino-new-zealand must definitely be your choice. But what can you do in these games and which techniques are better avoided? Is it worth counting the cards for example?


What is counting cards about?

Counting cards is a technique to have an edge over the dealer at Blackjack, one of the most popular casino games online. It helps at anticipating which cards could appear next and at choosing the personal strategy.

How it works

Basically, players have to keep their eyes open all the time. Every card that goes out of the game or is in a player's hand should somehow be memorised. Missing out on a card can be fatal for your chances.

A popular strategy

Also players in New Zealand have tried this strategy for success. Some have succeeded indeed, others got lost a bit. There is a risk of getting the count wrong, or just not to have all the information required.

  • An interesting technique, but not always fool-proof
  • Information may be tough to obtain

Is it a new technique?

No, not at all. First attempts at counting cards go back to at least 60 years ago. Back then, the first computers became available, which could assist the calculation of probabilities around the outcome of Blackjack games.

Some of the tips that would have made it into gambling literature in the 1960s is not accurate any longer though. Online casinos in particular have ammended the framework of Blackjack games to minimize the effectiveness of card counting.

A game of cat and mouse

Gamblers are always keen to try and be one step ahead of the casino operators. The former should always try to keep their scoops for free. After all, casino operators are very quick at patching up gaps in their defences.

Use alternative techniques and strategies

The rules of Blackjack offer you other possibilities to mitigate the risks while you take on the dealer. One is the insurance which you can buy extra to be safe against the dealer's potentially winning Blackjack hand.

  • Insurance against Blackjack by the dealer
  • Split your hand for further chances

Split your hand

Once you have a couple of equally valued cards in your hand, you can split your hand for an extra bet. This gives you the chance to play on with two hands and effectively an extra chance to win.

What if card counters get caught?

The prime rule about card counting is not to get caught at all. Or not to particpate in any card counting activities of course. Honestly, there are enough other strategic options available to cover or mitigate all risks in the game.

How to try and hide away

If you decide on using card counting as part of your strategic play, you will soon show signs of stereotypic play. Certain pictures will lead to certain decisions, which will obviously show to the casino through the software.

Ideally you try to mix up your strategies a bit. Make sure you do not always react stereotypically. In the worst case, you will get thrown out of the online casino, just like you would get thrown out of a land-based casino.

So, how big is the effect of counting cards?

To be honest, in online casinos, the effect is almost completely negated by the casinos' measures. There are too many decks in play for you to be able to obtain all the information to really be able to use it.

For example, in a game with six decks, you would have to observe 24 cards of one kinds across the entire game. Chances are high that you would only get to see small fractions of these 24 cards.

  • Counting cards online has hardly any effect
  • Rather stick to the options given in the rules

Also, the technique can really only be used in live casino games when you play online. But even there, online casinos tend to shuffle the decks way more frequently to really be on the safe side against the advantage players.

Is Blackjack still worth playing?

Of course it is! And you can even try to follow the cards on the table a bit. You just should not see it as a viable option to put one over the casino. Rather see it as mental training.

Being able to memorize large amounts of data or entire strings of numbers and characters can be helpful elsewhere maybe. If you are still a student, a well trained short-term memory can sometimes be really handy for exams.

For the small effect you can have, the effort is too big in online Blackjack though. Better invest the time into learning to play according to your temperament and you will have lots of fun playing against the casino.